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The DDBC516FR is designed to provide cost effective control of DALI high frequency fluorescent ballasts. Each of the five control outputs support DALI broadcast, DALI Addressed, 1-10V and DSI protocols. The control signals can be programmed to operate in tandem with the five internal switched outputs, which will automatically isolate the power circuit when all associated channels are at 0%. This feature is useful for energy savings applications, as DALI ballasts draw a significant amount of power when the lamps are turned off via a DALI command. The device is DIN rail mountable, designed to be installed in a switchboard next to the circuit breakers supplying power to the controlled lighting circuits. The DDBC516FR contains an integral DALI bus power supply, removing the need for an additional external device.

DDBC516FR Data Sheet.pdf

DDBC516FR Installation Manual Rev B.pdf