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LEDSmart XPERT Dimmer

Designed in Australia to provide optimized dimming of LED based lamps, plus excellent compatibility with traditional lamps such as incandescent, 12V halogen (dichroic) and CFL (dimmable and Non Dimmable). The dimmer is fully programmable via a simple 4-step process. Minimum level, maximum level, optional kick start, and off state indicator can all be programmed during commissioning. As well as a rotary dial for fine dimming control, the dimmer includes an integrated Push ON / Push OFF switch - there is no need to provide a separately wired switch in the wall plate. A white LED indicator provides a soft night-light glow in a dark room. This feature is optional and programmable. Double clicking the switch slowly dims the lights to a minimum level over 30 minutes. This feature can be typically used in a child’s bedrooms, for example.

LEDSmart XPERT Dimmer Data Sheet.pdf

LEDSmart XPERT Dimmer Installation Guide.pdf